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Department of

 Speech Pathology and Audiology




  • Doctoral program in speech language pathology and Audiology
  • Short term clinical training to post-graduates and Diploma in ENT
  • Clinical internship programs to under-graduates in Speech and Hearing


Several research studies are in progress which includes doctoral as well as other research projects. Following are the current research studies initiated at the department:

Doctoral Research:

  1. Aravindkumar: Central Auditory Processing in patients with complex partial seizures of medial temporal lobe origin with and without medial temporal lobe sclerosis Guide: Dr.N.Shivashankar; Co-Guides: Dr Satishchandra P and Dr Sanjeeb Sinha, Dr Subbakrishna D
  2. Priya Kayastha : Early intervention for reading difficulties among first standard students Guide: Dr Uma H; Co-Guide: Dr N.Shivashankar
  3. Madhuri Gore:under the Bangalore University Guide: Dr Nagaraja MN; Co-Guide: Dr N.Shivashankar
  4. Pradeep Y: Identification of subgroups of subjects with auditory dys-synchrony who may benefit from hearing aids Guide: Dr M Jayaram
  5. R. Neeraja Karthi: Characteristics of reading and writing in aphasics and their parallels with spontaneous speech and auditory verbal comprehension Guide: Dr M Jayaram Co-guide: Dr D. Nagaraja
  6. Praveen Kumar: MRI study of perception of short segments of speech in auditory dys-synchrony Guide: Dr M Jayaram Co-guides: Dr D. Nagaraja; Dr Jerry M.E Kovur

Other Research Projects:

Department of Science and Technology (DST) top-down research project: Brain organization of language in normative multilingualism.

The above multidisciplinary and multicentered research project has been initiated with department of Speech Pathology and Audiology as the coordinator under Dr. N. Shivashankar. The research component with which the department is engaged in is: "Code switching in normative bi/multilingualism".

Health Care

The department offers services to patients referred from other departments in NIMHANS, outside organizations and self referred. Following are the areas of speech-language-hearing disorders to which the services are being offered:

  • Developmentally delayed speech and language,
  • Developmentally deviant speech and language,
  • Regressed speech and language,
  • Aphasia,
  • Dementia,
  • Phonological disorders,
  • Voice disorders,
  • Dysarthria,
  • Learning disability,
  • Fluency disorders
  • Speech and language disorders of psychogenic origin,
  • Dysphagia,
  • Neuro-auditory disorders,
  • Central auditory processing disorders, and
  • Pseudo-hypoacusis.





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