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NIMHANS Publications NIMHANS Publication

Origin and Organization

Publication activity in this institute dates back to 1958 when the erstwhile All India Institute of Mental Health, Bangalore started a journal called Pratibha. In 1960, various considerations prompted the authorities to change the name of the journal to 'Transactions'. 'Transactions' was published once a year till 1971.

The National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences came into existence in 1974. Realising the importance of communciation in the area of mental health and neuro sciences, and in consonance with the objective of 'undertaking publication of journals, research monographs, leaflets and text books; collecting, organizing and publishing knowledge about mental health and neurosciences', a full-fledged Department of Publication was established in 1981 to co-ordinate the publications work of NIMHANS. Publication has become one of the important activities of the Institute today.

The Department is headed by a Deputy Editor. The department includes two technical and two general staff members.

Scientific Publications

  • NIMHANS Journal (quarterly):

Started as a biannual in 1983, this journal is being published as quarterly from 1996 and is now in its 18th volume. The journal is abstracted in Index Medicus (south East Asia region), Index to Indian periodicals, Psychological Abstracts, Indian Psychological Abstracts and Reviews.
[*Currently NIMHANS Journal discontinues.]

  • DEADDICTION Quarterly:

This quarterly journal was started in 1995, It is reaching more thatn 1500 recipients every quarter.*


  • NEWSLETTER (Quarterly):

Started a decade and halfback. This quarterly Newsletter is coming out from 1998 with new shape and vibrant with contents and is widely circulated.*

  • Annual Report
  • Prospectus (Annual)

Publications of NIMHANS

  • Journal of the All India Institute of Mental Health, vol. 1: No. 1 (1958): Vol. 2: Nos. 1 & 2 (1959)
  • Transactions of all India institute of mental health
  • Research bulletin, No 1: Perceptual Illusions
  • Research bulletin, No. 2: Studies in Indian psychology
  • Research bulletin, No. 3: Introduction to Mathematical Psychology
  • Research bulletin, No. 4: A Report of the job analysis survey of Nursing Operations in the mental Hospital
  • Mind : Approaches to its understanding. Proceedings of the seminar on mind (1977)
  • Biomembranes : Proceedings of the National symposium on Biological membranes and Model systems, NIMHANS (1977)
  • Psychotherapeutic processes : Proceedings of the National Seminar on Psychotherapeutic Processes, NIMHANS (1978)
  • Proceedings of the seminar on Neuro-oncology (1979)
  • Health science information services : Proceedings of the National seminar on Health Sciences libraries in India (1980)
  • Decade of Nimhans, 1975-1985.
  • A Handbook of Hospital services ( 1981 - now under revision)
  • NIMHANS at a glance (1982 - revised 1991)
  • Proceedings of the first National seminar on Neuroanesthesia (1983)
  • Profiles of Research in Neurosciences in India (1984)
  • Evoked potentials (1985)
  • Mind and Mental ill health (Kannada - 2nd Edition (1986))
  • Social beliefs and Mental Health (kannada)(1987)
  • Social aspects of Traffic Accidents (1987)
  • Affective disorders : Recent research and related developments (1987)
  • NIMHANS Journal (Supplement issue). Proceedings of symposium on Cervical Spine (1988)
  • Proceedings of the Indo-US symposium on alcohol and Drug Abuse (1988)
  • Recommendations of the Regional Workshop on Accident Prevention and trauma Care management, NIMHANS (1988)
  • Health Education series No. 1-Epilepsy (canned and english)
  • Training of PHC Personnel in Mental Health Care - NIMHANS experiences (1990)
  • Proceedings of the indo-US symposium on molecular mechanisms underlying neural response to damage (1990)
  • Mental Health handbook for health workers (Kannada - 1990 and hindi - 1991)
  • Mental Health in ayurveda (1991)
  • Proceedings of the national workshop on ECT : Priorities for research and practice in India.
  • Proceedings of the Indo-US symposium on community mental health.
  • Proceedings of the symposium on humanity and medicine
  • Proceedings of the INDO-Us symposium on Child Mental Health

Other Publications:

  • Proceedings of National and International Conferences, Seminars, Symposia
  • Manuals, Handbooks, Reports, Monographs

Contact Us:

Deputy Editor
Department of Publication
Hosur Road
Bangalore - 560029, India.
Phone: +91-080-26995036


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