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Department of

 Psychiatric Social Work



Department started as a part of Department of Psychiatry in the year 1963. It became the independent department in 1976. Two year Post Graduate Diploma in Psychiatric Social Work was introduced in the year 1968. In 1978, nomenclature of the Course was changed to as M.Phil (Psychiatric Social Work). Subsequently Ph.D. Programme was introduced. The department has been the member of International Association of Schools of Social Work (AISSW) and Asian and Pacific Association for Social Work Education.

Vision Statement
Promotion of psychosocial well being of individuals, families and communities.

Mission Statement

  1. To provide the best possible psychosocial services for the persons affected with psychiatric, neurological and neuro surgical problems by involving the inherent potentials in the clients, families and communities.
  2. To offer advanced level of teaching and training in psychiatric social work.
  3. To undertake socially relevant and culturally appropriate researches to help understand, assess and develop cost effective psychosocial intervention strategies.
  4. To Enrich the collaboration and cooperation with Schools of Social Work/Post Graduate Department of Social Work and other Governmental and Non-governmental organisations related to health, education, welfare and developmental Institutions.
  5. To formulate appropriate policies involving psychiatric social work ingredients for the promotion of mental health, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of mental health problems.

Clinical Services

The staff members, trainees and research scholars have been extending Psychosocial services to the patients in Out-Patient and In-Patient Units, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Centre, Family Psychiatric Centre, Neurological and Neurosurgery services, Psychiatric and Neurological Rehabilitation, Deaddiction and Community Mental Health Units.

Following services are provided -

  • Psychosocial study of the patients and their families.
  • Home visits for diagnostic and therapeutic services.
  • Community agencies contacts for Resource mobilization.
  • Educating the patients/family members about the illnesses, treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Marital counseling / therapy / intervention services.
  • Family counseling / therapy / intervention services.
  • Group interaction / intervention services for patients / family members.
  • Liaison services with families and community.
  • Training the para-professionals and non-professionals in mental health services.
  • Extension services - camps and outreach programmes.

These services are offered in various permutations and combinations depending on the nature of the problems, felt needs of the patients, families and communities. In addition to the therapeutic or treatment services, certain promotive / preventive services are also undertaken by the members of the Department in collaboration with voluntary agencies, Factories, educational institutions etc.



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