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Dept of Neurology :




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Department had its beginning with the establishment of Electroence- phalography (EEG) by Dr. J.Hoeing (1955 - 1956), WHO experts in Electro- physiology. The development had its efforts of the experts from WHO, Dr. D.M.Leiberman (1957-1959), Dr.E.A. Zysno (1957-1959) and Dr. K. S. Mani, staff member of Neurology, appointed by the institute(1957). Introduced doctorate degree(DM) in 1970, first batch of students completed their degree in the year 1974.


  • To develop clinical, investigative and community neurology
  • To develop quality human resource development in the field of neurology
  • To pursue focused and in-depth research in the field
  • To prevent deformities, improvement of mobility and counseling (Neuromuscular disorder clinic)
  • To evolve assessment of progress, response to treatment and therapeutic strategy (Movement disorder clinic)
  • To provide neurological services to the community at their door step.
  • To provide training to in-service doctors of the various institutions and government.
  • To provide orientation training to post-graduate students of various medical college students in the country.

Clinical Services

  • Offers outpatient (3 days a week), inpatient, follow-up clinics and 24 hours emergency services. Please see [Neurology OPD Schedule]
  • Inpatient has 60 bed strength, in addition to pediatric ward, special ward and intensive respiratory unit (IRU).
  • Works closely with Neuropathology, Neurochemistry, Microbiology, Neuroradiology, Neurosurgery and all other departments in addressing various diagnostic and theraupatic problems.
  • Neuro-rehabilitation services is extended in collaboration with physical medicene and rehabilitation department, which includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy and vocational guidance.
  • Special outpatient clinics for muscular disorders, which includes the team of neurologist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, orthopaedic surgeons, social scientist, genetist, ayurvedic physician and yoga specialist. Please see [Neurology OPD Schedule]
  • Special Stroke unit for providing state of the art, investigative and treatment facilities.
  • Intensive care unit with all modern facilities.


Clinical neurophysiology laboratory with EEG, ENMG, evoked potentials, telemetric video EEG, doppler ultrasonography, RTMS and transcranial magnetic stimulator supported by good animal research laboratory.

Human Resource Development







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