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Centre for
@ BTM Layout

Centre for
W ell Being
A Community Centre for Mental Health Promotion

The NIMHANS- Centre for Well-Being @ BTM Layout

Changing lifestyles, urbanization and the consequent narrowing of close community and family ties, stressful job situations, pressures on young people and loneliness among elders have been some of the mental health challenges in the last few years. Mental health professionals are handling more and more people with problems of daily living in the context of work, studies, marriage and relationships. Preventive services in the area of mental health in India and even across the world, are still in their infancy and are too few for the demands of today.

To fill this gap, NIMHANS is launching an innovative mental health promotion initiative by stepping out of the institution and locating itself within the community, to address mental health promotion in the city of Bangalore.

The centre has evolved based on the concept of a mind gym where people `workout’ their minds, their ability to cope and enhance resilience in themselves. The centre has evolved based on the concept of a mind gym where people `workout’ their minds, their ability to cope and enhance resilience in themselves. A gym for promotion on physical health works on the concept of improving health to prevent disorders, help combat problems related to lifestyle and develops a good physique. The Centre for Well Being will serve as a `gym’ for mental health focusing on developing balance, increasing healthy coping skills and preventing psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety and substance use. It will also help couples, youth and children develop concepts of positive mental health.

The Centre will be a hub for information, training and counseling related to various aspects of positive mental health and minor mental health concerns. It aims at providing services for prevention of mental health and substance use disorders in a friendly ambience by expert mental health professionals.

The NIMHANS- Centre for Well-Being was inaugurated on the 10th of October, 2011 by Mr. Suresh Kumar, Minister for Law & Parliamentary Affairs, Justice and Municipal Administration, Government of Karnataka and Mr. S.A. Ramdass, Minister for Medical Education, on behalf of the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Karnataka, on the occasion of World Mental Health Day.

NIMHANS Centre for Well Being
1/B, 9th Main, 1st Stage, 1st Phase, BTM Layout
Bangalore - 560076

Call or Message Mobile Phone Number - 9480829670
Landline Number- (080) 26685948
E-mail: /

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