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Dept of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry :



Department of

 Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q – What facilities are available in inpatient care?

A – CAP (Child and Adolescent Psychiatry) is a 40 bedded centre with general wards and 10 special rooms (single room facility). In a special room the child can stay with two relatives in an individual room. In general ward the child can stay with one relative. Families are provided with the facility to cook in the ward during particular times of the day. An electric stove is provided. Other utensils need to be brought by the family.

Children are expected to follow a routine during the day. They will be engaged in activities such as exercise, games, yoga, drawing and colouring, clay modeling and singing. Academics will be attended to in a classroom. Younger children with developmental disorders will also be engaged in activities. An occupational therapy and physiotherapy room is available where an occupational therapist will explain the inputs.

Q – Is a referral letter always necessary?

A - No, it is not mandatory. Since the process of waiting to get a screening slip in the general queue may take longer time, a referral letter may make this time shorter at the counter for referral letters.

Q – What is the Average time taken for consultation in OPD?

A – We serve on "first come first serve" basis, so you may have to bear with the waiting time. This entire process will take between 2 to 6 hours. Kindly bring along some toys/ books/ objects of comfort and food to keep the child occupied and comfortable during this waiting period.

Q - Which days can we bring a child for consultation?

A – You need to bring your child to OPD for consultation irrespective of whether you are coming for the first time or for a follow-up/ review. Please follow this link (Link to OPD services) to understand which days you can bring your child. There are also emergency/ casualty services available for 24 hrs in case of emergencies.

Q – Whom to contact for an appointment?

A – Generally it is a ‘walk-in’ consultation for the new patients in the screening OPD. However, for further details you can call our receptionist, Ms. Shakuntala, on +91-80- 26995340 (between 10 A.M. and 4 P.M.) on any working day.

Q – Do psychiatrists at CAP see patients in private?

A – No, None of the consultants see the patients in private.

Q – Does NIMHANS run a school or residential facility?

A - No, NIMHANS doesn’t run any school or residential services. We shall only suggest the links/ addresses of the institutions known to us which have such facilities.

Q - Does NIMHANS have Ayurvedic and yoga services for psychiatric illness in children?

A - Yes. Ayurvedic and yoga services are available in the campus and patients will be referred on specific requests.

Q - What are all the psychological assessments done at CAP?

A - The following psychological assessments are done based on need of each case:
- IQ assessment
- Learning disability assessment
- Assessments for children with emotional disorders

The above mentioned assessments are done based on appointments and only following a detailed evaluation by the psychiatrists and our clinical psychologists in the OPD; hence it takes time ranging from weeks to months.

Q - Are reports / documents given for the services offered?

A - Yes, discharge summaries will be given for inpatients along with relevant referral letters to local doctors or school. Certificates are issued based on need of each case. The screening slips will be handed over to patients in case of OPD consultations. However, files opened will be retained in Medical Records Section.

Q – What is the average duration of stay under inpatient care?

A – We recommend a minimum of 2-3 weeks as the ideal duration for a planned inpatient care for detailed evaluation and treatment. However, the duration of stay may be much longer based on nature of problems the child has.

Q – What are the modes of payment of hospital bills? What if one has reimbursements provisions?

A – Hospital accepts only cash payments. Credit cards are not accepted. If one has reimbursements provisions, we have separate section ‘Reimbursement section’ to guide you through.

Q – What kind of certificates is issued from CAP?

A – After relevant assessments, we issue –
    Mental retardation disability certificate (for Karnataka Domicile only),
    Academic exemption certificate in case of learning disability (for Karnataka Domicile only),
    Railway concession for person with Mental retardation, and
    Income tax exemption for parents of children with Developmental disability.

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